CVS ITALIA, cvs italy, Recomposed stone for furniture and wall


   The material produced from CVS ITALY is constituted from powders of several natural stones and several granulometrie carefully selected and tied by a minimum percentage of resin  binders.

   In all varying of finish (travertino, marble, sandstone, wood, woven, glass, metal, chromatic reproductions) the nature and the consequent quality of the product is always the same ones.

   The production and the several phases of finishing are rigorously the result of the hand work of more than 100 highly specialized workers. This not only involves an highest image fidelity for the different reference materials but, equally important , guarantees that the physical and chemical characteristics of our product are very high.


   CVS ITALIA guarantees the originality of its product in all steps of creation: from the planning to the realization of the models and prototypes to the final production which, even if on industrial scale (15000/18000 units of product a day), conserves all the aesthetic characteristics of a typically handicraft production.

   The highest quality and the homogeneity of the production, even after years, is ensured by careful controls in all phases of production.

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