stone / marble / travertine reconstructed


CVS ITALIA since more than 19 years have been asserted like world-wide leader in the reconstituted stone productions. Thanks to a continuous research, the production of has been articulated during these years in a variety of models and finishes inspired by nature but not only. Today in fact the offer of CVS ITALY , composed by more than 15'000 items all in regular production , moves from the stones ( marble, travertine, tufo, sandstone, slate etc . ) to reach the manufacture of models that ,even conserving intact many the structural characteristics and resistance of the original products, refer to images of many other materials such as wood, woven, glass, metals.

The fields of greater reference of the productions are:

-Elements of bathroom furnishings

-Inner and external Decorative elements for wall and floor

-Mosaics and Micromosaics

-Inner and external Furnishings

-Architectonic Elements and complements for building

-Reproductions of artistic, storic works and interior design models

CVS ITALIA,moreover, realizes upon customerís request personalized productions for exclusive supplies

CVS ITALIA at last offers wide attendante for sale promotions through many merchandising elements, personalized on demand, with the project drawing assistance, when requested, for preparation of the showrooms.

Material Description